Construction sites can be one of the highest waste-producing environments to work in; and keeping the waste on site can be the cause of health and safety risks. MGM specialises in clearing waste from site using lorries or providing bins to store it safely. We transport the waste and where possible recycle building waste.

We will remove virtually any sort of building waste from your construction site, allowing for a tidy and more easily survey-able building site. We operate throughout London and have years of experience in collecting waste from not just construction sites but also a variety of offices, schools, warehouses and factories. We guarantee a reliable and dedicated waste clearance service.

We offer a unique service as all our lorries are fitted with specialist tail lifts so we can load and unload waste and wheelie bins with ease. We remove the need for skip permits as the fitted tail lift provides quick and efficient clearance of waste and a safe service. The lorry is also fitted with safety harness rails to ensure a safe service.

We can provide monthly waste reports showing each different type of waste and how it was recycled or disposed of. We can also provide daily Waste Transfer Notices, which can be used as evidence that you disposed of your waste legally and responsibly.

Building Waste Removal